First 3D GRMHD binary NS merger simulations from post-merger black hole to photosphere

On the jet-ejecta interaction in 3D GRMHD simulations of binary neutron star merger aftermath, Gottlieb et al. (2022)

Jet launching and propagation in BNS ejecta

Following the merger of two neutron stars, an accretion disk forms around the newly formed black hole. The magnetic flux that falls onto the black hole generates through Blandford-Znajek mechanism (Blandford & Znajek 1977) Poynting flux dominated jets along the polar axes. In our simulations the metric is tilted to avoid numerical dissipation on the jet axis.

3D rendering of the evolution of short GRB jets
3D rendering of a choked jet that produces just a cocoon
Zoomed-in 3D rendering jet launching from the torus
Meridional slice of the logarithmic mass density
Meridional slice of the logarithmic magnetization (top) and asymptotic proper-velocity (bottom)
Winds from the disk in BNS post-merger

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