Jet Propogation

This applet calculates the propagation of a relativistic jet within a cold spherically symmetric external medium. It is based on the analytic theory developed in Bromberg et al. (2011) and the numerical tests and calibration carried out in Harrison, Gottlieb & Nakar (2017), where a description of the algorithm is given in the appendix.
To use the applet please insert the jet properties and density profile. Select between three types of density profiles: (i) A power-law, ρ=Aρr. Define Aρ and α. (ii) An analytic stellar-like profile, ρr-2(R-r)3. Define the stellar radius and mass. (iii) A custom density profile. Paste the density profile in two columns [r ρ], without commas or parentheses. Note that the analytic model is applicable only for density profiles that do not vary on a scale that is much smaller than r and that are not too steep (dlog(ρ)/dlog(r)<3).

When using the results of this applet in a publication please cite Harrison, Gottlieb & Nakar (2017).